• Engineering

    We provide excellent coverage of Board as well as JEE(Main / Advance) exam. During the duration of two years we focus on concept building and then its application in problem solving with the help of this scientifically designed programme even average student can learn and perform better we conduct regular test and monitoring of the students academic performance.

  • Medical

    This course has been designed for students currently in Class XII. This integrated program thoroughly prepares students both for the Board Examinations as well as for the competition. This is, therefore, a Double Advantage Course. The course aims at grounding students in basics as well as equipping them with best problem solving techniques and analytical skills.

  • Foundation

    Course structure : Course is offered for 9th & 10th Science, Maths(C.B.S.E, I.C.S.E, B.S.E.B) and 11th & 12th Physics we teach students in four subjects. With increasing day by day competition and changing patterns of examinations at various levels to ensure success in first step. Its better to start as early as possible.

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