Mr Kaushal Kishore is an accomplished educationalist with over 15 years of teaching experience at university level. He is currently associated with B.I.T. Patna and takes lectures in the other engineering colleges.

Mr. Kaushal has a unique approach of explaining complex law of physics and equations of mathematics by applying first principle ie; simplifying the matter to the last degree so as to make the student visualize the situation and find solutions by application and understanding.

This approach made Mr. Kaushal a highly popular faculty in all teaching assignments and made him rise to the position of Dean Electronics Engg. Dept. in Kurukshetra University where Mr. Kaushal started his teaching career.

With this vision Mr. Kaushal started the Strong Foundation Academy 2019 with a sole aim to teach aspiring engineers and doctors the fundamentals of Physics and Mathematics. With his unique 1st principle approach he makes the students embrace the complicated laws of Physics and Mathematics with ease and prepare them to face toughest of the entrance exams like IIT-JEE ( Mains and Advance) , AIIMS, Olympiads and other foundation level course.

Strong Foundation academy believes in result oriented performance and demonstrate the same with

  • a. Guaranteed Success basis the ability and aptitude of each student.
  • b. Best faculty with varied experience
  • c. Individual attention to each student basis her aptitude and aspiration
  • d. Imbibing discipline of revision by conducting regular test series
  • e. Small and comfortable batches to help every student get same attention
  • f. Regular feedback and discussion with parents on areas of improvement
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